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The BIG Difference with Small Groups. We Specialize in Small Group Tours (18 people or less)

There are a lot of advantages when you tour with us on a small group:

  • You get the attention and attentive support you deserve and pay for! (Think about it...18 people compared to, say, 53 people)
  • We can go places where big motor coaches can't
  • We dine in small real authentic local restaurants; again big mass tours could never do that
  • We skip ALL the long lines and go to the front
  • We stay in the middle of the historical district, in five star hotels (in the heart of the city). Again
  • The large mass tours stay out in the suburbs, because of the size of the group
  • We travel by high-speed rail service
  • About Us

    We have all seen the parking lots full of huge motor coaches with people pouring out of them. This swarm of people being lead around like drones is not the way to travel. Buckingham Tours was borne out of a true need to bring a curtain class of excellence to the small group tour market. (Small group tours comprise a maximum of 18 people per tour). We provide small group tours that you will enjoy!

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